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Subscription for Notices to Mariners 2017has been come into subscribing,“here follows the subscription list download website”.
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According to the relevant rules and regulations of Surveying and Mapping of the People's Republic of China (PRC), the Navy is in charge of the management of PRC basic hydrographic surveying and mapping. CHINA NAVY HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE is the PRC’s official hydrographic surveying and mapping organization and the only publishing house for nautical publications authorized by the government.The Navy has the specialized academy to train professionals in hydrographic, institute of hydrographic technology, hydrographic surveying and research fleet, navigation publications press, and has the offices and agencies to sell nautical publications along the coastal cities of the mainland, Hongkong, and Tokyo of Japan.Currently, the Navy has officially published all kinds of Charts, Thematic Charts and Atlas including Navigational Chart, Harbor Chart, General Sea Area Chart, Fishery Chart and so on, regularly publishes Notice to Mariners and all kinds of nautical publications including Nautical Almanac, List of Lights, Sailing Directions, produces hundreds of paper charts and digital charts yearly and hundreds volumes of nautical publications which have been sold to many countries around the world.
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